Can’t find an item?

If you're looking for an item that is not in our inventory, you can create a special request. When your personal shopper is at the store, they'll do their best to pick this item up for you. Also, we keep track of special requests, so we can keep adding your favorite products to our inventory!

On a computer

  1. First, search for the desired item in your preferred store using the search box
  2. If you don’t see it in the results, try searching by only one keyword (for example, search for “watermelon” instead of “watermelon slices”)
  3. If you still don’t see the item you want, scroll down to the bottom of the page
  4. Click Add a special request
  5. Enter the description of the item, including the quantity
  6. Double check the list of suggested items in case we have what you’re looking for
  7. If not, click Create Special Request
  8. Review the request  (and add a photo if you like; it will be shared with the shopper working on your order). Make changes by clicking Edit
  9. Click Add Special Request to Cart

We are unable to fulfill  special requests for alcohol at this time. Please see the complete list of items we are unable to deliver here.

Add instructions for items

If you prefer your bananas a little green, or want your coffee ground for a certain filter, you can add instructions to items in your order. Your shopper will see these instructions during shopping.

Where you can add item instructions:

  • In your cart: click Instructions on the item
  • On the checkout page: Once you submit the address, delivery window, and payment method, tap or click Review to review items and enter Instructions
  • After you’ve placed your order: Visit the Order page to review items and enter Instructions

Please note: The instructions you enter for items will carry over to future orders. Be sure to review notes for repeat items on new orders.

Replacement items

Though our catalog team works diligently to provide the most up to date item information, we can’t guarantee that an item will be in stock at the store. We offer the option to replace or refund out of stock items, which you can manage when placing your order.

Any items added to your cart will, by default, have the option set to Replace with best match. With this option, the shopper on your order is prompted to select the best possible replacement for your out of stock item.

You can change this setting for any item on the Checkout page:

  1. Enter the address, delivery window, and payment information for the order
  2. Click Review to view the order items
  3. On any item, click Add replacement option
  • If you would like our system to suggest the best replacement option to your shopper, keep the Replace with best option setting
  • If you would like to select your own replacement choice, select Choose replacement. You can search our online catalog or choose a replacement from the suggested items displayed.
  • If you would like a refund if your item is out of stock, choose Don’t replace.

Please be aware that you will be refunded or charged for the difference of replacement items.

Delivery instructions

To ensure your delivery is quick and convenient, we recommend adding delivery instructions to your delivery address information. Useful info includes parking locations, building security information, or directions when GPS might fail. Your delivery driver will see these instructions as they head your way.

There are a few ways to add delivery instructions to an address:

When placing an order: On the Checkout page, when entering your address info, look for the Instructions for delivery box to input the information.

After placing an order (before shopping begins): On the Order page, Edit the delivery address and enter Instructions for delivery

When adding an address to your account: Under account settings, locate Addresses, and Edit or Add and address to include Delivery instructions

View your order status

To check the status of an order you’ve placed:  

  1. Log in and click Account
  2. In the drop down menu, click Your orders
  3. Click on an order to view its status

Add or update items in an order you've placed

Please Note: Once a shopper begins working on your order, you will need to chat with them directly for assistance. Click here for help contacting your shopper.

For help checking your order status, follow this link

If a shopper is not yet working on your order, you can manage your items, notes, and replacement options in the Order page.

Add a new item to your order

  1. Make sure you’re in the correct Store page.
  2. Locate and add all the items to your shopping cart. For help with this, visit our guide to
  3. Tap the Shopping cart icon
  4. At the bottom of the cart window, tap Add to Order in Progress
  5. Follow prompts for confirmation

Change quantity or remove an item 

  1. At the top right of any page, click Account
  2. Click Your Orders
  3. Select the order you want to update
  4. In the item list, select the item you want to adjust the quantity on
  5. On this item, click the number and adjust as you like

Update item replacement choices

  1. At the top right of any page, click Account
  2. Click Your Orders
  3. Select the order you want to update
  4. Under the item you’d like to update, click Edit replacement option
  5. Choose your preferred replacement option

Rescheduling a delivery

You can change your delivery date and time up until a shopper begins working on your order. Here’s how to reschedule:

  1. Log into and click Account
  2. From the dropdown menu, click Your orders
  3. Locate the order you’re rescheduling and click View Order Details
  4. On the Order Details page, in the Order Info box on the right side of the page, click Edit
  5. Choose a new delivery time and/or date
  6. Click Save in the upper right corner
  7. The new delivery date/time will update in the Order Info box. You’re all set!

What items are you unable to deliver?

All items listed in our online catalog are eligible for delivery.

If you don’t see an item in our online catalog, you can make a special request, but please keep in mind that there are some items we are not able to deliver.

Please note: We cannot fulfill Special Requests for alcohol items.

The items are:

- Pre-ordered or made-to-order items, such as:

  • Personalized birthday cakes
  • Deli sandwiches or hamburgers
  • Gift cards

- Live animals, including feeder animals for pets

- Appliances

- Electronics and electronic peripherals:

  • Tablets
  • Computers
  • Stereos
  • Speakers
  • Computer software
  • Other similar items

- Furniture

- Alcohol items

- Non-alcoholic age-restricted products:

  • Tobacco
  • Over the counter items containing nicotine
  • Items containing pseudoephedrine, ephedrine, and phenylpropanolamine
  • Holiday trees

- Postage stamps

- Currency

- Photos

- Prescription drugs

Please note that these terms are subject to change without notice.

Report incorrect information on an item listing

Report incorrect information on an item listing

If you come across any item listing in our online catalog that contains incorrect information, please let us know!

  1. Click or tap on the item to open item details
  2. Click or tap Incorrect Info?
  3. Tell us What is wrong with wrong with this item? By selecting an option in the menu.

Sending us this alert helps us keep our catalog up to date for all customers. Your feedback is appreciated.


Cancellation policy

You can cancel your delivery for a full refund with no additional fees, up until we start shopping for your order. To cancel your order:  

  1. Log into and click Account
  2. In the drop down menu, click Your Orders
  3. Select the order you’d like to cancel
  4. At the top of the Order page, click Cancel order
  5. Confirm order cancellation

If you must cancel your order during the shopping or delivery process, your order total will be refunded and you may be charged a fee. 

If we are unable to complete your delivery, we may cancel the order on your behalf. If this happens, you will be refunded for the order and you may be charged a cancellation fee. For information and tips for receiving your delivery, click here.


I’m trying to cancel my order but I don’t see the ‘Cancel order’ button on the order page.
If you don’t see the Cancel order button, your order may already be connected to a shopper. Check the order page to confirm your order status. If you need to cancel at this point, please contact Community Support for assistance. A cancellation fee may apply.